CUSTOM HEARING PROTECTION

    Surprisingly, custom ear protection is cost effective. Express Test offers Sonomax earplug protection which is custom-fitted to create a perfect acoustic seal. The plug is inserted and injected with silicon so that it takes on the exact shape of the ear. They are comfortable to wear and do not require removal for normal worker communication. Different filters can be used with the same set of earplugs to accommodate any working environment. The Sonomax fitting process offers the first objective industry measurement for noise attenuation, a process similar, for example, to respirator fit testing.

    The employee will receive a Certificate of Noise Reduction which specifies the actual attenuation.

    Sonomax Hearing Protection Devices (HPDs) are guaranteed for three years. But the actual life of the HPDs may be considerably longer with proper care. However, the most important consideration is the increased control over noise-induced hearing loss for the mutual benefit of employees and employer.

    Custom ear molds can be made at your facility, or at one of our clinical offices located in Tulsa, Muskogee, Owasso or Pryor.

    * See Frequently Asked Questions for tips on proper employee earplug/earmuff fit.