RESPIRATOR FIT TESTING

    Just as you would not try on a piece of clothing before the purchase, so should a respirator be fitted before use. An improperly fitted respirator can not only be uncomfortable, but most importantly, it could result in serious injury, or even death.

    For the protection of your employees and to comply with the Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) regulations, CFR 29 1910.134, it is required that employees who wear respirators, including MSHA or NIOSH approved dust masks, be fit tested annually, or when there is a significant change in body weight or changes in facial configuration, i.e. dentures or surgery.

    There is a specific protocol for fit testing. Express Test utilizes either qualitative or quantitative Fit Test Protocol.

    The employer receives full documentation of the work performed with an explanation if a fit is not achieved. It is important to note that an employee must be fitted for the exact manufacturer, model and size respirator. One fit test is not transferable for use with any other respirator, even if they appear similar, or are manufactured by the same company.

Each employee who is successfully fit tested receives a wallet card specifying the manufacturer, model and size respirator.